T1 jukebox remote TouchTunes compatible

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  • T1 jukebox remote compatible with TouchTunes jukeboxes
  • T1 back of jukebox remote leach cord attachment option
  • T1 jukebox remote uses AA batteries and leash cord option
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Product Description

T1 is a TouchTunes compatible jukebox remote

Press On Products™ is proud to present our new custom designed and engineered T1 jukebox remote. The T1 remote is fully compatible with all TouchTunes jukeboxes that are capable of working with the TouchTunes 433 MHz blue RF remote. This includes jukeboxes that use the older Touchtunes grey RF remote when the grey remote is in 433 MHz mode. We take pride in improving upon existing technology and adding our own spin to the user experience. As you will find with our re-engineered T1 jukebox remote there are extra features and options that have been added to improve the users overall experience. With our SureGrip™ plastic molding material the remote is less likely to be dropped due to the natural working environment that these jukebox remotes find themselves in. That translates to less repairs and replacements of the remote. Specifically for you the coin-op vending and amusement operator, that is less service calls and repairs for damaged or lost remotes. The T1 remote reduces the loss of revenue because of its durable design and affordable price. Every Press On Products™ T1 jukebox remote includes the following features listed below.



Currently Free Shipping on all orders. Bulk Pricing 10 to 99 is $42.50 each and 100+ is $39.95


  • Two AA batteries that will last twice as long as the AAA batteries the Touchtunes jukebox remote uses.
  • Two screws and retaining fasteners, two battery covers, each battery cover comes with its own screw.
  • The T1 jukebox remote is fully compatible with ALL Touchtunes jukeboxes that can use the 433 MHz blue remote.
  • Extra set of volume control buttons on the jukebox remote. Even if the location damages one of the volume buttons, you still have a complete extra set.
  • Improved range over the current Touchtunes jukebox remotes.
  • Improved molding shell that is shatter resistant up to 8 feet.
  • No Hassle 30 day money back guarantee


  • 433MHz single frequency jukebox remote
  • Supports all of the 433MHz jukeboxes currently using the blue remote or any jukebox that is using the grey remote set to the 433MHz frequency.
  • Replaces TouchTunes reference number 600024-001
  • Replaces Suzo Happ Part # 700031-003
  • Compatible with Allegro, Maestro, Maestro-II, Ovation, MX, MX-1, Virtuo, & Playdium Jukeboxes and any other TouchTunes jukebox currently using the 433MHz blue remote or any jukebox that is using the grey remote set to the 433MHz frequency.

Included in your order:

Two screws & two retaining fasteners

Two battery covers

Two AA alkaline batteries

Text version page : T1 jukebox remote programming instructions

Download / View PDF version



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  1. 2020 remote still awesome

    Posted by on

    Bought some new remotes during the global shutdown. Remotes still needed once everyone starts opening up their locations again. Thanks for the great product as usual.

  2. picked up 10 more

    Posted by on

    Saw their Ad in Replay Mag try it before you buy it. Tried it, loved it. Bought 10 more.

  3. works just like they say..

    Posted by on

    I was surprised when a buddy of mine told me about these remotes. I was skeptical and tried one out. Sure enough it's durable and doesn't break the first time some bartender drops it. Will be referring others to get this remote.

  4. Exceeds All expectiations

    Posted by on

    Tried it out after seeing it at the tradeshow in Dallas, works so well we are switching out our blue remotes for these. Two thumbs up, it's better than the original.

  5. Tried it and bought it the next week

    Posted by on

    I tried the remote out and only needed a few days to see that it's incredibly durable and yes, cheaper than the blue touchtunes remote. Very cool product.

  6. Saw this at AMOA Show 2017

    Posted by on

    Their touchtunes compatible remote is fantastic! Glad these guys were back at the show this year. The remote is holding up perfectly.

  7. Tried one remote, bought ten more

    Posted by on

    I saw their ad in replay mag and tried a remote out since they were offering some kind of special. It only took me a few minutes to see the difference in design quality and durability. I called them back and asked them if I could have 10 more. They said absolutely and gave me the first one FREE! Who does that?!! A++++++

  8. Easy to program, fast shipping

    Posted by on

    Bought it on ebay and then discovered their website. Great product, super fast shipping and an actual human being answered the phone!

  9. Range and button features

    Posted by on

    I use this remote for Karaoke on weekends and the button layout is great. Thanks for clearly marking the alt features of the buttons, works amazingly far away from the box. A+

  10. Saved me 2 service calls

    Posted by on

    I ordered a remote two months ago to try out in my toughest location. The location burns through remotes due to carelessness and lack of any concern. I've tried wall mounting, and leash cords and still they seem to break the remote. UNTIL NOW! This remote holds up so well I have already saved myself and my employees two service calls that we didn't have to make because of the durability. I am sure it will break eventually, but WOW! What a difference. Thanks guys! Saved me $$$

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